April 2016 Issue

Originally conceived in 2013, founder and editor-in-chief, Zachary Hoffman, wanted to create a fashion magazine that explored the ideology of fashion and lifestyle combined with stories about people from all walks of life. The aim was to write about people’s inspiring journeys that would help encourage the readers to pursue their own dreams and desires.



From the beginning, the magazine was to be the “peoples” magazine. A fashion magazine purely dedicated to sharing real-life accounts of fashion designers, influencers, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs from all around the world. The articles would explore anecdotes from individuals about building their fashion brands and projects from the ground up.

We don’t just focus on anecdotes alone, we also focus on genuine style and creativity of those who dress in a way that one would call, individual style.



Zachary is somewhat of a newcomer to the fashion industry. He’d originally planned a career in Information Technology, but as time went on, he developed a keen interest in fashion and decided to pursue a career in the world of fashion. In 2015, he started an online fashion blog called Zakary T, which was dedicated to all things fashion, much to the same as YouReview Magazine is today. However, with the idea of the magazine on hand, he decided to shut down the blog and turn the name, Zakary T, into an official ready-to-wear brand that will be launching in the near future. Zakary T, the blog, is the forerunner to YouReview Magazine.